3 Most important think about Basil

Originally, basilikum (Ocimum) or basil was not the most popular herb in a bunch. In fact, there was a person who simply hated it, mainly ancient people. The name basil means "fragrant", but there are various cultures that are fighting in relationships that hate love more than basil. Americans and Romans loved it while Hindus were bringing home as a sign of happiness. On the contrary, it was Greek that most despised it, but I did not like Indian and Persian people too much. One place I had a special preference for basil was Italy. To this day, many people do not have classic pasta sauce without basil.
basilikum (Ocimum)
basilikum (Ocimum)
Until today, basil and tomato sauce forms some weddings almost worldwide. Basil is very easy to grow as long as the temperature does not go below 50 degrees and the sunshine is sufficient. Not only dry but also fresh form is widely used. A rare and well-known fact about basil is that the stronger the taste, the longer the cooking time in cooking becomes. This is why people steward pasta sauce very long and pulling out all rich herb flavors. Normally, in pasta sauce, basil is used in combination with oregano. However, basil is used not only for pasta and tomato sauce but also for scenting fish, vegetables, meat and soup.

If you decide to grow an herb garden, you can thank the Basil plants for keeping the flies away as flies are also part of the group that does not care for Basil. Another interesting fact about Basil is that it was considered a royal herb with a strong association pertaining to love. Basil had something to do with the way men tried to propose to their fair maids much earlier. A man brought a branch of basil and if a woman accepted his gift, she loved him and agreed silently to be true to him forever.

Basil is related to the Mint family and just knowing that should give you a good idea that it will have many medicinal uses as well. Right away most people associate anything mint with aiding the digestive system and also for its anti gas properties. Herbalists use Basil quite commonly for health ailments such as stomach cramps, vomiting, constipation, headaches and anxiety. When Basil is used for these purposes it is generally made into a hot tea for drinking. Some also claim that a nice hot cup of Basil tea can contribute greatly to a good nights sleep. At herbal stores you can also purchase Basil capsules as well if you do not care for the taste of the tea.

Basil is one of the most common household herbs used today, and in the majority of culinary arts it is also a necessity. When used in fresh form, basil was torn from the plant and just grinded carefully with a knife. Normally olive oil, garlic, and someone is ready to prepare a wonderful tomato sauce somewhere near the basil.