Balsam Of Tolu

Tolu balsam is a herb that comes from a very tall tree that can be found in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia. This herb plant was originally exported primarily from Peru, but it is not so, so it is also called Peruvian balsam. The resin of this tree is the most valuable and is recovered in the same way and collects precious properties from the rubber tree. The gummy resin coming from the tree turns into balsam. Currently the main exporters of balsam in Tolle are El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela.

In previous era, it was a tribal group of Mexico and Central America that used tool balsam leaves to treat general diseases such as trauma, asthma, cold, influenza, and arthritis. While other people were finding it best for the lungs and cold diseases, some native Indians used the bark in a form that powered as an armpit deodorant. People from tropical rainforest tribes often took Tolu's balsam quite frequently for many medicinal purposes such as abscesses, asthma, bronchitis, catalase, headache, rheumatism, erosion, sprains, tuberculosis, venereal disease and wounds used.

As this herbal plant grew in popularity, the Europeans were seeking action and soon Germans used it for pharmaceutical purposes. They discovered that Tolu balsam works very well for antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic purposes and immediately uses for scabies, ringworm, lice, minor ulcers, wounds, bedding, diaper rash etc. Did. Today, it is used very frequently in topical plaster for the treatment of wounds, ulcers and scabies.

It can be used as natural fragrance such as hair tonic, anti-dandruff shampoo, feminine hygiene spray, soap, detergent, cream, lotion, perfume etc In the early 1800s, I thought that I would like to use the balsam of Torsoo, but I also wanted to use a cough suppressant or a respiratory supplement used for a cough suppressant, cough suppressant, syrup, throat pain, It was mainly used as.

Torsard's balsam has vanilla like scent and taste and is mainly used for flavored syrup, soft drink, confectionery, chewing gum. Torum's balsam is now widely available in the United States. Essential oils distilled from gums are sold in small bottles and are used locally in aromatherapy. The fragrance is regarded as cure and comfort. It helps with meditation and relaxation. Therefore, popularity is increasing in the world of aromatherapy. Tolu's balsam has a unique scent and is superior to the scent of exotic flowers.

In general, its topical use is recommended for skin parasites such as skin rash, eczema, and scabies, ringworm, and head lice. Tolu's balsam is considered a sensitized oil. This means that people who are prone to allergies to plants and herbs are more likely to cause allergic reactions to the skin and are more likely to have skin irritation than other herbal oils.